Known HuMed Programs

FlexMed – Mount Sinai’s innovative undergraduate program molds students majoring in the humanities who wish to become doctors  by teaching them the fundamentals of medicine from a perspective outside of the hard science background.

Medical Humanities & the Arts Council – “Based at the School of Medicine, the Council is an advocate for the medical humanities and the arts, encouraging and coordinating rigorous scholarship in these areas, including medical student research. At the same time, it aims at bridge-building between the health sciences center and the rest of the University, facilitating wider interchange among faculty, students, and staff across Yale who share an active interest in health, culture, and society.”

Sentara Music and Medicine Center – “Music has been proven to have a healing connection to the body. Science and research reveal that the body benefits from music when it is played, easing pain, controlling anxiety and supporting recovery from a variety of conditions.”

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