Why I Couldn’t Answer the Easiest Question in Existence

So I just had my pre-health interview. Allow me to set the scene: I walk into a board room and I’m seated in “the hot seat”. Sat before me are four members of the pre-health department there to interview me on my projected success or failure as I near my application to medical school. We … More Why I Couldn’t Answer the Easiest Question in Existence

Moving Forward

As I prepare to graduate next  month, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do next. For those of you who have visited my website previously, you might have noticed the vlog tab that has remained vacant for several years. I’m seriously considering creating  YouTube channel to document my gap year but … More Moving Forward

Personal Statement

I never planned to arrive at this moment: the moment I applied to medical school. It was a dream my mother often held quietly for me while simultaneously encouraging me to find my own path; a dream born from a wish she once had for herself, but was unable to fulfill. Her parents could only … More Personal Statement


I have just recently submitted my two-weeks notice at AMR. I’ve had a terrific learning experience over my two years with the company serving as an EMT, Field Training Officer, and member of the Emergency Response Team through our contract with FEMA. I’ve met some amazing people, and had the tremendous opportunity to work alongside … More Update