I’m back, I’m sorry, Here I go again

Since my last post, I have killed myself studying for my repeat MCAT (the results will be released on August 29th!) and have submitted the entirety of my secondary applications for medical school — now I wait; but I didn’t anticipate waiting to be the hardest part.

I don’t have school, I’m no longer a member of any academic clubs or societies, I no longer have anything to study for, and I’m no longer working since I’ve decided to change directions and reenter the job market in order to expand my exposure to the medical field the year before I hopefully begin medical school.

All of this time, however, has given me the opportunity to immerse myself further into my volunteer work with Grace Hospice and has given me ample time to register as a volunteer EMT, which I hope to start very soon (the paperwork was much more intensive than I initially anticipated).

Another advantage to having more time than I currently know what to do with, is that it gives me more time to reflect on the direction I want to take with this website (which, I admit, I’ve done quite a lot of previously).

Goals for this website as I currently see them are as follows:

  • I want to post at least once per week
  • I want to focus on the intersection of medicine and current events
  • I want to further highlight the direction I intend to take in my own medical career.

This website has been on the back burner for the past year as I’ve prepared to apply to medical school; but now that the bulk of the initial work is completed and I have more time to organize my focus and my direction, I really hope that it will take the form that has long been in the foreground of my mind. More than anything, I need your input. So please, help me bring this to reality and help me learn as much as possible by challenging my opinions or striving to expand them. I hope to submit my first post with this newly invigorated direction by Friday, August 25th. Let’s hope this sticks.

Until then,

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