Moving Forward

As I prepare to graduate next  month, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do next. For those of you who have visited my website previously, you might have noticed the vlog tab that has remained vacant for several years. I’m seriously considering creating  YouTube channel to document my gap year but the question remains as to how I got about filling it.

I’ll be graduating with a degree in Technical Writing and some of the jobs out there are insanely cool (one of them is even at NASA–of course I applied); but I don’t know if I’m ready for a 9-5 job just yet. I’ve spent the past six years figuring out who I want to become: making the decision to pursue medicine, and then eventually law and environmental health policy–there’s an incredibly exciting road ahead for me starting the Fall of 2018, which lends all the more importance to this gap year. I have a tremendous opportunity for a  reprieve and I want to make the most of it.

I’ve spent the majority of my time this past semester designing a course that aims to instill empathy and compassion into students looking to pursue careers in medicine by encouraging them to read and think about the big questions that physicians have to address on a daily basis, mainly those focused on end of life care. (You can find out more about it under the Humanities in Medicine tab). Much of the syllabus I’ve created consists of literature books that tackle these questions in part why the remaining pieces force the student to tackle them themselves by pairing them with a volunteer experience in the community.

I’ve already learned so much in reading the books I have assigned to these students down the  road, and I think the next logical step to take would be to combine my goals of travelling with volunteer work to continue to learn to be a better physician as well as a better person by connecting more with people.

I’ll keep you all updated as I hash out my plans further; but I think I’m leaning towards not looking for a job right away during this period. I want to hit the road and continue the search for my great perhaps.

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