I have just recently submitted my two-weeks notice at AMR. I’ve had a terrific learning experience over my two years with the company serving as an EMT, Field Training Officer, and member of the Emergency Response Team through our contract with FEMA. I’ve met some amazing people, and had the tremendous opportunity to work alongside some of the most knowledgeable EMTs and Paramedics I’ve had the good fortune of meeting.

I will be moving forward as a medical scribe with the Emergency Physicians of Tidewater. As a medical scribe, I will be working closely with the many emergency physicians and residents helping them chart and keep track of their patients. Scribes are incredibly beneficial to physicians as they allow the physician to not only see more patients, but allow them to spend more time with their patients and focus on their care rather than having to worry about maintaining the bulk of their paperwork.

While this will be a marked shift for me, as I will no longer have any physical contact with the patients, I will be able to shadow a multitude of physicians, witness their processes in developing a differential diagnosis and treatment plan, and observe their approach with their patients. The experience will be different, but will also serve as a tremendous learning experience as I continue to prepare for my medical school applications next year.

Wish me luck!

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